Hello and welcome to the State of Franklin Blog.  I am Elihu Embree, but you can call me Elihu, EE, or E.  If you want, you can research the name Elihu Embree using a simple Google search; however, he was the creator of The Emancipator, which was the first abolitionist newspaper in the United States, which just happened to be printed in Jonesboro.  I plan to further his legacy of attacking current social ills peppered with just discussion of current and historical events, especially in what I will refer to as the State of Franklin. 

As a credibility builder, I will debrief you on my prejudices.  I am extremely Conservative on many, if not most, issues.  I do take a Libertarian approach to many things in the political realm from time to time.  I simply despise the militant pro-abortion crowd that actually seems more pro-abortion than pro-choice.  Very rarely will you hear me refer to them as being pro-choice, because I do not feel that they are.  The ones who place themselves out there, generally are more pro-abortion.  I dislike the two-party system.  It has allowed us as a nation to come to a point where there are few differences between our governmental leaders.  I long for a day when we have a multi-party system where we can vote for a candidate who truly fits our belief system, and we can feel good about it, because we are not made to feel that we are wasting a vote. 

 Our state, Tennessee, has a great history, much of which has taken place in the area known as the “Lost State of Franklin.”  Many of us have heard the adage that Tennessee ends at Knoxville.  Well, the last time I checked, politicians in statewide elections generally win or lose, depending on whether they carry East Tennessee, much of which is East of Knoxville.  I may or may not be a spokesperson of the majority of our area, but I do want to provoke some thought for our area, and the entire state.  Heck, if you are not in Tennessee or in the United States, maybe I can still cause you to think.  I do wish to have your feedback and comments.  If it is not vulgar, I will post it.  I want this blog to be as family-friendly as possible.  If something will be questionable, I will make sure that there is a disclaimer.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will check back regularly.    

 ~ EE 


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  1. Salutations. I would imagine the pro-choice crowd doesn’t care for you much either. I wish for the good of the country you folks in these two groups would get a dialogue going, instead of being so hateful. You single issue eemotion voters are getting on our last Liberatarian nerve. If you are a true Liberatarian, then you want smaller gov’t and you don’t believe that government intrusion into your personal affairs is proper. Buy yourself THE LIBERATARIAN READER and educate yourself on the Liberatarian philosophy(the essay, The Subjugation of Women: A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft might be a great place for you to begin). Please don’t call yourself a Liberatarian when you are really a Republican pro-life advocate. You can’t have it both ways and those of us who are true libratarians find you to be somewhat socialistic. Friedman is rolling over in his grave. Sorry. Good luck and God bless you.

  2. Ayn,
    If you continue to follow my blog, you will discover that I am not a single issue voter. I also did not claim to be a Libertarian, but I said I “take a Libertarian approach,” which simply means that I long for a less intrusive government on many issues.

    I do not believe that my view on abortion is anti-Libertarian, but I do reiterate I am not a Libertarian; I simply have a Libertarian ideology on several issues. (I will change my post that says that I despise the pro-choice crowd. It is a little harsher than I had hoped to put forward.) My belief is that evidence points to life beginning at conception. (There is evidence that says otherwise, but I have to err on the side of it beginning at conception.) Following this reasoning then, if life begins at conception, then abortion would, in effect, kill an actual human life. This would mean that an innocent life was lost, and thus there was a murder. Murder is something that must be a crime, and thus the government must be involved.

    I do not believe that the government should be involved in most of my private life. However, if I were to not stand up for this, then I would be a hypocrite, following my line of thought. I can not speak for you. I do not know when you think that life begins, but I hope that you will not see my thoughts as being hypocritical. And I do ask that you come to my blog. Be as critical as possible.

    And, I have looked at the Libertarian Platform.  I admire much of what is in it, but if I were to run for office, I would probably not do so as a Libertarian.  But, I do admire the Libertarian ideology, and I do agree with several ideas of the Libertarian Party.

    ~ EE

  3. I must reiterate what EE posted in his response. If life begins at conception, then abortion is the harming of another person, and the person who does the harming must be held responsible. According to the Libertarian platform: “The Libertarian Party is the party of personal responsibility. We believe that anyone who harms another person should be held responsible for that action.”

    So, the argument here is not whether or not someone should be punished for harming another – the answer to that is clearly affirmative. Rather, the argument is over when life begins. If not at conception, then when?

  4. Jama,
    Good points. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I do enjoy reading your blog. I hope you don’t mind that I placed it on my blog list.


  5. Very fitting I think: “God is the inner principle of all movement, the only identity which already fulfils and illuminates the universe. Everything is incorporated in this one principle, because it encloses infinity, it includes everything, and there is nothing that could be outside of it. ” Giordano Bruno

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