Fred Phillips…

I was reading this post.  Something jumped out at me that I had not seen when reading the original article in the Johnson City Press.  Phillips states, “The fact is, Bredesen’s administration didn’t hire any of those people. And they surely wouldn’t have been hired as a Washington County deputy sheriff.”  Who are “those people?”  Is he talking about the one’s who received the advancement?  Is he talking about the one’s who gave the advancement?  What were the punishments? 

Also, why are people not asking another question?  The whole mess had to do with political favoritism.  Bredesen supporters were moving through the ranks.  (If someone believes this doesn’t happen in state affairs they are crazy.  It has always gone on.  It shouldn’t, and when it does the leaders should be accountable.)  Well, Bredesen wanted to clean things up.  Right?  So, what does he do?  He hires an outside firm who will be fair and everything will be kosher there.  Right?  Wrong!!!  He hires Kroll, Inc. with a $200,000.00 no bid contract.  Their “senior person” in Nashville is… Michael Shmerling.  Who is he???  Oh, he donated $12,500.00 or more to the Bredesen campaign from 2002 to the present.

Now, Phillips, who oversaw the THP during the scandal, wants to come home and run for State House.  If he wins, which may be possible, let’s hope he doesn’t get caught up in anymore scandals.  He seems to be a good man who may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.  But… isn’t that true with those who were caught up in the Tennessee Waltz Scandal?


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SOF – Elections

Okay, so many of you have noticed that I took a bit of time between posts.  Some unforeseen circumstances have caused me to take time away, and these circumstances will continue to do so, so there will be some minor changes coming that will effect the layout of this blog.  Plus, I have not jumped into local issues as much as I would have liked.  So, here is your chance.  There are some local elections and statewide elections.  Let’s have some dialogue about these.  The following elections are here in the SOF area:

Jonesborough Mayoral Race – Roger Dillow v. Tobie Bledsoe 

State House District 1 – Jon Lundberg, Kevin Smith, Jerry Dykes, John Robert Harrison

State House District 7 – Matthew Hill v. Fred Phillips

State House District 9 – Mike Harrison v. Lewis Hopkins, Jr.

State House District 11 – Charlotte Leibrock v.  Eddie Yokely

State Senate District 1 – Steve Southerland v. Duran Williams

US House District 1 – David Davis, Rick Trent, Michael Peavler, James Reeves, Mahmood Sabri, Robert Smith

US Senate – Bob Corker, Harold Ford, Jr.,  Ed Choate, David Gatchell, Bo Heyward, Gary Keplinger, Chris Lugo

TN Governor – Jim Bryson, Phil Bredesen, George Banks, David Gatchell, Marivuana Stout Leinoff, Charles Smith, Howard Switzer, Carl “Twofeathers” Whitaker

 Give me your feedback on each race.  Who will win?  What is the key to victory?  Who gets your vote?

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EE’s Pig of the Week – 10/2/06 – Mark Foley

This week’s Pig of the Week is for Republican Representative, Mark Foley.  You have heard by now about his pursuit of underage boys.  This is shocking to say the least.  I have heard nothing about him apologizing for this act.  Sure, he has apologized, but he never stated exactly what for.  More than likely, it is due to a pending court case.  In an unsurprising move, he has decided to go into rehab.  Notice, he did not choose to enter rehab until he got caught.  He is not sorry he did it.  He is only sorry he got caught.  If he were truly sorry, he would have entered rehab long ago.

Now, my advice to Democrats is very simple.  Do not politicize this.  The American people are not stupid enough to believe that the Republicans knew this all along.  If someone is found to have known any illegalities, then (s)he should be brought forth, but do not create a witchhunt.  If you do create a witchhunt, it will backfire.  We (Americans) already see unfair politicization on both sides.  You want to criticize Iraq?  Go ahead, but don’t be hypocritical.  Partisan politicization only harms the nation.  If we criticize fairly, then we will be much better for it.  As for Foley, he should never see daylight again if he is found to have ever harmed a child.

Mark Foley, you are a Pig!

~ EE

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Focus Above – 10/1/06 – Suffering is Inevitable

Job 5:7

“Yet man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward.”

How do we, as Christians, cope with the problem of unmerited suffering? The first thing we must do is to recognize that in a universe whose balance has been greatly upset by sin, undeserved suffering is bound to come. Face this, and you are halfway to turning the problem into a possibility. In an Indian palace, many years ago, a child was born whose parents decided to keep all signs of decay and death from him. When he was taken into the garden, maids were sent before him to remove all the decaying flowers and fallen leaves, so that he would be protected from all signs of suffering and death. One day, however, he left his home and, while wandering through the streets, came across a corpse. His reaction was so strong that he set about establishing the teaching that, as life is fundamentally suffering, the only thing to do is to escape into Nirvana, the state of extinction of self. The young man was Guatama Buddha, whose beliefs are shared by millions of his followers, not only in India but around the world. His philosophy is a dramatic and tragic result of trying to protect oneself from the realities of life, one of which is suffering. The Christian faith is the opposite of that: it exposes us to the very heart of suffering – the cross. Then it takes that suffering, and turns it into salvation. This is why Christians should not be afraid to face the worst that can happen – because with God it can be turned into the best.

I like the truth of this.  We, as Christians, realize that we live in a fallen world.  Things are not going to always go right.  In fact, we are promised the opposite.  We are also a people who need to understand that we are a special people.  Our religion is based on suffering.  After the Fall of Man, God shed the blood of animals to cover Adam and Eve.  Because of sin, man and the rest of creation suffered.  With our redemption, it was imperitive that suffering occur.  With suffering we fell.  With suffering we are redeemed.  Let us remember that Christ’s suffering was so that we would not have to suffer after this life.

~ EE

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