EE’s Pig of the Week – 10/2/06 – Mark Foley

This week’s Pig of the Week is for Republican Representative, Mark Foley.  You have heard by now about his pursuit of underage boys.  This is shocking to say the least.  I have heard nothing about him apologizing for this act.  Sure, he has apologized, but he never stated exactly what for.  More than likely, it is due to a pending court case.  In an unsurprising move, he has decided to go into rehab.  Notice, he did not choose to enter rehab until he got caught.  He is not sorry he did it.  He is only sorry he got caught.  If he were truly sorry, he would have entered rehab long ago.

Now, my advice to Democrats is very simple.  Do not politicize this.  The American people are not stupid enough to believe that the Republicans knew this all along.  If someone is found to have known any illegalities, then (s)he should be brought forth, but do not create a witchhunt.  If you do create a witchhunt, it will backfire.  We (Americans) already see unfair politicization on both sides.  You want to criticize Iraq?  Go ahead, but don’t be hypocritical.  Partisan politicization only harms the nation.  If we criticize fairly, then we will be much better for it.  As for Foley, he should never see daylight again if he is found to have ever harmed a child.

Mark Foley, you are a Pig!

~ EE

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