E.E.’s Choice 9/30/06 – Interview of Elihu Embree

What made you decide to blog?

I want to make a difference.  I want to help people understand the issues that are facing America.  We have many issues that we are facing.  The politicians let us know what many are, about this time.  The thing is, they really do not tell us about the issues that mean something.

What are you referring to?

Well, there are many issues that are damaging to our Constitution.  Examples are the McCain-Feingold trash, the (un)Patriot Act, non-Congress declared wars, restrictive gun laws, anti-Christian laws, and laws restricting true freedom of speech. 

Are you really just out to get a particular party or those of a particular political persuasion?

Absolutely not!  I consider myself to be a Republican.  I have voted for Republicans and Democrats.  I will continue to vote for both, and even Independents.  I look at how the individual stands on the Constitution.  I fear that our nation has lost an understanding of the Constitution.  We need to stand on its principles. 

Isn’t voting for 3rd Party candidates just wasting a vote?

Sadly, I would have to say yes.  Some times, they have won, but usually we do not give them enough votes to make the major candidates fear them. 

Where do you stand on the issues?

I am generally considered a Conservative on the issues.  I believe that the best government is that closest to the people it serves.  I believe in government from the grassroots.  We should attempt to place most issues in the hands of the most local government possible.  For example, education should be put in the hands of the parent.  National security cannot be handled completely at the county level.  Individuals can take some of the measures into their own hands.  The people can own guns.  The community can set up watch plans.  The city/county can have a police force.  The state has a police force and some military force.  The national government maintains the FBI, CIA, and most of the military.  We have federalism so that we do not have an overbearing national, central government. 

What do you think about single-issue voters?

Well, many people are.  That is how it is.  One thing will determine how many vote.  I don’t like to do it, and it has its weaknesses.  In our system, it causes one political party to take one side and the other party to take the other side.  The Republicans may have the better idea.  Well, on another issue, the Democrats may take the better side.  Now, I have to decide which is the lesser of two evils.  I do not wholly like the Republicans.  I do not wholly agree with the Democrats.  If it is a very important election, I feel that I cannot let the Dems win, so I vote for the Republicans.  I have just positively endorsed everything that I see wrong with the Republicans.  If we had a multi-party system, we would force parties to ally with other parties.  We might see a government that is extremely strong on preserving the Constitution, strong on security, and that is environmentally friendly (not tree hugging friendly).  And all of that would come about with us voting for the issues most important to us.

What is your view of the future of American politics?

I am optimistic.  With the rise of bloggers, I feel that there is now a medium which can save our nation.  If we miss our chance to mobilize with this new medium, however, I see nothing else on the horizon to save us. 

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