Hot… Not… 9/29/06



Hot:  The Tusculum College Lady Pioneer’s Soccer team is undefeated at 8-0-1 on the season.  They are ranked at 10th in the nation and they upset the number 3 Carson-Newman Lady Eagles on Wednesday.

Not:  The Tusculum College Pioneers Men’s Soccer team was ranked 22nd in the nation to begin the season.  They got into some trouble while working the Bristol Race when a large sum of money was stolen by some players.  Since then, the season has been suspended and the coaches have resigned.  The offending players have not been punished.


Hot:  Tennessee Vols’ starting QB, Erik Ainge, is 70-106 for pass completions at .660 with 8 TD’s and 5 INT’s (going into the
Memphis game).  He has improved greatly since last season, and he is looking to get UT back to a bowl game this season.

Tennessee Titans Head Coach, Jeff Fisher has made questionable moves this season, and his team has not won a game since December 11, 2005.


Hot:  Paul McCoy ran for 658 yards in a high school football game.  McCoy piled up his yardage on just 29 carries — an average of 22.7 yards per attempt — and scored 10 touchdowns as Matewan beat Burch 64-0 on Friday. McCoy racked up 477 of his yards scoring on TD runs of runs, which covered 69, 1, 52, 56, 52, 20, 31, 84, 87 and 25 yards.

Not:  Terrell Owens was reported to have committed suicide this week.  He came out saying that he had not, but details are sketchy.  He has caused several distractions over his football career.  Let’s hope that he gets the help he needs if he did attempt suicide.



Hot:  Candidate for US House District 1, David Davis, picked up another endorsement this week.  The National Federation of Independent Business gave the latest endorsement.  David Davis’s website is filled with endorsements, while his opponent’s website lists none.

Tennessee House Candidate for District 7, Fred Phillips, is accused of lying about receiving an endorsement from the NRA after his website declared the endorsement when, in fact, not only did he not receive the endorsement, but his opponent did.


Hot:  Harold Ford Jr., U.S. Senate Candidate for
Tennessee, is shown to be leading Corker by 6 percent in his campaign’s latest poll.  While there is a great chance for the poll to be biased, the Ford Jr. Campaign has been gaining.  The election may be a close one.

Not:  Al Gore has discovered that cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming.”  This adds to his other scientific achievements such as his invention, the internet.  Seriously, he has taken on a great work.  Protecting the environment is a noble cause, but his hysterics borders on the wacko.


Hot:  The US Senate passed a bill to build a 700 mile fence along the Mexico-US border.  They actually got something right.

Not:  Former Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida) resigned over sexual advances made toward underage boys (Click here for a .pdf file of some of the messages).  I hope that there is a criminal investigation.


Hot:  Javier Solana, EU Foreign Policy Chief, was set to meet with
Iran over nuclear talks.  He has many great accomplishments (
Click here).  He is someone that causes me some concern, but he has been on fire.

Not:  At a UN meeting, the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, referred to President Bush as the devil.  Maybe Pat Robertson was on to something.

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